Byte Fair Web Development Services

Byte Fair is a small, boutique development agency consisting of one human male founded to provide top notch technical work for designers and creatives.

An Independent Studio Working with Independent Creatives

Hey, I get it. You’re a small studio or talented independent designer. Maybe you’re an artist or a musician and have an idea for a project. You might even have made a site or two yourself. What you don’t have is months to learn all the cutting edge web development techniques and software and security problems out there because it’s not part of your core business.

That’s why you hire Byte Fair. I have been developing sites since 1998 and know all about this stuff. I know what projects I can handle and when I’m going to need help. I also know when a project is too big for me and I’ll even help you find another awesome independent shop who can help.

Byte Fair Provides the Foundation for Your Project

The design heirarchy tells us can never truly have maximum profieciency and creativity without an equally stable base of functionality, reliability, and usability. Byte Fair provides this base that allows your project to meet your vision.

I’m not a designer but I understand design, especially understand design in the context of the web and the massive profileration of ways people can experience that. I can help you make adjustments or meet goals you might have not even considered.

I’m Not a Salesman, I Promise

Let’s be honest, if you’re a successful independent, you know how much bullshit companies are trying to sell. I’m not a salesman, I promise. I want to give you something that’s as simple as we can possibly make it. I wants to deliver something that works in five years or even in ten years. I want you to have a site that you can adjust, not overhaul, when you need to make a change. Most of all, Byte Fair is here to deliver the performance and reliability your project needs to shine.

Byte Fair never maintains any affiliate relationships with software used for clients. If I recommend something, it’s because I think it’s the best solution, not because I stand to make a comission on the sale. I only charge for integration and maintenance of software, never simply to purchase and install it for you.